Bearing failure accounts for a large majority of industrial mechanical failures. RBI Bearing now offers new bearing technology and protection to reduce bearing failure and extend the bearing life, which means less downtime and reduced repair costs.

Armor Nano Technology

This unique treatment is proven to reduce friction by 99% and greatly extend bearing life.

Armor Coated Protection

An Enviropeel Technology, reduces premature bearing failure and prolongs bearing lifetimes by 500%, dramatically reducing shutdowns and the need for maintenance.

Armor Permanent Lubrication

Helps block debris, reduce foreign contamination and significantly extending bearing life.

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ARMOR Bearing Technology AND PROTECTION Benefits

Significantly extend the bearings life
Reduces friction, heat and downtime
Dramatically reducing shutdowns & the need for maintenance
Helps block debris and reduce foreign contamination

Increases efficiency and production
Saves time and operation costs
Quick lead times
Already being used by major OEM’s

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“ARMOR technology has been beneficial by increasing bearing life, saving time and money by eliminating the need to grease bearings. We also avoid marking the finished product with dripping grease in high heat applications.”

Major Steel Manufacturer