An enviropeel technology, is A reliable solution to premature bearing failure and prolongs bearing lifetimes by up to 500%, dramatically reducing shutdowns and the need for maintenance.

Armor Coated Protection offers you 2 options to protect your bearings. A UV-resistant thermoplastic polymer bearing shield that, you, the end user installs on site or a spray application of the thermoplastic material applied on site by a trained technician. ARMOR Coated Protection will immediately prevent contamination ingress and stop corrosion in the bearing housing and bolts as well as reducing the need for purging grease. The inhibiting oil allows the shaft to rotate freely within the coating which prevents the build-up and entry of debris and moisture into the bearing, providing unrivalled protection. The slow-release inhibiting oil prevents corrosion in the bearing casing and fixing bolts as well as lubricating the rotating shaft.

Armor’s Bearing Shield is an innovative way to quickly get bearing protection on site with no special equipment or waiting time. Each bearing shield is custom made to fit your bearing type with a zipper closure for easy application. The shields have a hard-wearing outer coating and an inner core of the Enviropeel technology to ensure full bearing protection.

Armor Bearing Shields are simple to use:

  • Ensure bearing is free from debris
  • Apply thin film of corrosion inhibiting oil on surface of bearing and shaft prior to installation
  • Fit shield to bearing, using zip and velcro strap to secure in place, ends can be cut and trimmed to suit bearing installation
  • Once in position, the zips and edges are sealed using supplied sealant application kit – ensure zip and edges remain clean
  • Mix sealant components, pouring catalyst into resin and stir vigorously for 60 seconds
  • Apply sealant evenly to zipper surface and to any edges or areas of potential ingress, for example around velcro strap
  • Allow minimum of 1 hour for sealant to cure before operation
Armor Coated Protection Bearing Shield



The spray application process uses a specially-designed application unit to apply the thermoplastic material. The units melt the material into a liquid which can then be sprayed on to the target substrate. The thermoplastic material is solid at normal temperatures and once applied it cools rapidly to form a tough, perfectly fitting second skin that protects the entire bearing, inside and out. The material fully encapsulates but does not bond to the substrate, so it can also be sprayed directly on to and around the bearing shaft.

Armor Coated Protection Spray Application


• Preventing contamination ingress & corrosion
• Shields the bearing against harsh environments
• Constant release of built-in inhibiting oils coats all surfaces allows shaft to rotate
• Operates in temperatures up to 180º
• Dramatically reducing shutdowns and the need for maintenance
• Saves time and operation costs


• Corrosive environments
• Mining
• Aggregate
• Agricultural
• Salt handling
• Salt water applications
• Oil and natural gas
• Wastewater treatment

Arrange a test with ARMOR Bearing Technology and Protection today. Don’t let bearing failure cost you expensive downtime.