Armor bearings nano technology is a unique treatment is proven to reduce friction by 99% and greatly extend bearing life.

Unlike other friction reducing products ARMOR Bearings Nano Technology IS NOT a coating. It is a procedure that fuses calcium molecules into the molecular fabric of the metal. Challenging environments involving heat, pressure, or friction activate the calcium causing the particles to elongate and form a protective barrier that reduces the need for lubrication while substantially increasing the lifespan of the bearing – saving you time and money. This isotropic nanotechnology treatment was shown by Oak Ridge National Laboratories to reduce friction 99% when both pieces of metal are treated.


• Two identical bearings stripped of all lube, one treated with ARMOR technology
• Both ran under 400 lb. loads
• Both ran at a constant 3,600 RPM
• More than 100 hours of testing
• Untreated bearing failed at the 49 minute mark & estimated temperature of >900º
• ARMOR treated bearing was like new & the highest recorded temperature was 140º

Armor Bearings Nano Technology


• Reduces metal to metal friction by 99% when both pieces of metal are treated
• ARMOR is a permanent treatment in the metal
• Fuses calcium molecules into the molecular fabric of the metal
• Heat & pressure cause the nanoparticles to elongate forming a protective shield
• Operates in temperatures up to 900º
• Significantly extend the bearings life
• Does not alter the dimensional tolerances of the bearing
• Increases efficiency and production
• Saves time and operation costs


• Primary Metals
• Steel Mills
• Forestry Industry
• Mining
• Drilling
• Oil and Gas
• Commercial Food Processing
• Construction Equipment
• Transmissions
• Gear boxes

Arrange a test with ARMOR Bearing Technology and Protection today. Don’t let bearing failure cost you expensive downtime.